Our favourite picture from Spain

This is the first try to leave a message here. The photo is our favourite. In Estonia all schoolchildren do not carry such schoolbags, which seem much more comfortable than ours.

Our article from the first conference to Spain is here


Of course it is in Estonian, but believe me, we wrote about our good impressions about the project and about all our future plans.

I hope to find new messages soon.


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    Hilde (Monday, 08 December 2008 18:57)

    Yes, Kersti, we were also quite impressed by this good idea with the schoolbags.

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    jensen12 (Saturday, 30 June 2012 11:30)

    Small children carrying school bags bigger than themselves is a regular sight. The heavy bag leads to stooping and back pain and many other health hazards. The use of the trolley school-bags in Estonia is quite impressive and must be implemented in all schools around the world

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