Respondence from Prague

Hello everybody!


Here are some technical informations about the place where we are going to perform:

dimensions of the stage are 4×8×4m (width×depth×height); equipment in there: lights on the sides and in two rows on the top  (with changeable colors; they are handled from the cabin opposite to stage), speakers (also managed from the cabin by a mixpult), standard cable microphones, projector and screen and curtain.

(So, Wolfgang, thank you for the offer but we do not need any of your stuff. Let those heavy things at home:-)

Background is made from black curtains

There could be a problem with projecting because we cannot do the back-projection (there is no enough space and what`s more the projector is set in front of the stage) as well as we cannot project on the big screen (because it would be projected on us). However, we can project on the small screen on one of the sides.

I heared an iformation that somebody needs an electric guitar. I think we can lend You some or will You have your own? Do You (or anybody else) need any other stuff?


P.S.: Could You tell us when we can await you in Prague (without those who had already done it...:)?


See You soon

     Matthew from Prague






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