Performence at Vac

When we came to the concert hall in Vac at eight in the morning, there was a big surprise: They dind't have any spot lights. The lights they had couldn't be dimmed and had to be turned on some minutes before they were needed. So we had to change the performence: All the actors had to be on stage for the full performance.

After a short (rofl) welcome speech of the Vice Mayor we had our performance. It was different:-)

Then the students from Vac showed some plays in English. Our favourite was the last one:-)

Vac Concert Hall: No lights, no curtain
Vac Concert Hall: No lights, no curtain
Funnies, Bunnies
Funnies, Bunnies
Funny play performed by Vac students
Funny play performed by Vac students

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    Spanish (Friday, 03 April 2009 16:45)

    It all was gorgeous... I really enjoyed the whole performance (both of them: Prague and Vac). We all are EUROPEAN artists!!!!!jeje
    I'm enjoying the proyect a lot!!! We are having fun, improving our English skills, travelling around Europe... an unforgotten experience!!!!

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