Estonia continued

Estonian report

Prague performance

The stage was huge, so we were afraid at first, but we got used to it. We were worried how other countries would mean to our performance and we didn’t worry about the audience reaction. After the audience had laughed, everything became easier. After the show we felt relieved. At first we got three different balls to use in the play, but later we luckily got the right balls.


Vac performance

The stage was totally different from the Prague stage. There we had no lights and we had to stay on the stage during the performances. We weren’t doing very well, of course we made mistakes, but we weren’t the only ones. We couldn’t rehearse before the performance and that’s why we made mistakes. The audience seemed to be bored.

After we had performed our plays, the students in Vac performed us their plays, but it was hard to understand what they were saying, although we were sitting in the first row.



Liis Ostnik:

Liis Palumäe:

Reno Bleier:

Lunch in Prague
Lunch in Prague
A typical Tuesday
A typical Tuesday

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