Thursday, our last day

Our last day in Reykjavik, Iceland - 3rd September 2009

Together we drove to Reykjavik to deliver our luggage at the bus terminal till we've met in the evening to drive to the airport. From all groups, there is a report about their own day:


Group Sabine, Lena, Anita and Ambros:

It was really nice to get to know Reykjavik as a cute town with lots of
individual shops and places. You can see, that the people there have their
own modern style. Also we didn’t found as many touristic shops as they are
in big cities.
There are many bakeries and coffee which are really sensational.
We toured the town’s boutiques to get inspired of the Icelandic
We noticed that we have never seen such big trade chains like they are in
all big cities in Europe, e.g. H&M, Zara, … In Iceland you can just find
typical shops with lots of artistic goods.



Group Daniel, Daniel, Michelle:
At first we walked through the big shoppingstreet in a group of five students, visiting little cute shops beside the street and making pictures. When the shoppingstreet ended, we decided to divide our group.

The one group wanted to go to a big shopping centre a little bit outside of Reykjavik and the other one decided to stay in the city of Reyjkavik.

So my group went to this big shopping centre, called Kringlan, by bus and stayed there till 5 o'clock p.m. .

This centre is a precious building, but there aren't just shops, you have to have a lot of money to go in.

On the top floor there is a food hall with lots of international foodchains, like McDonalds, Subway, Pizza Pronto, etc.


Later on we got back to the city, lingered on the harbour and looked at the wide sea. Then we walked through a side street and noticed a cinema by chance. We saw the movie "The Goods" and when it was finished, we promenaded the last time through Reyjkaviks streets to our meeting point, the bus terminal, where all our other colleagues were assembled already.

Together we drove to the airport in Keflavik and enjoyed our last minutes in Iceland.



Group Mrs Schüssling, Mrs Grabherr, Mr Hämmerle:

Our teachers visited first a converted heat plant (Perlan) which is now a saga museum –

it is a great museum, very close and creepy.
The genuine glass dome with a cafeteria offers an amazing 360° view over Reykjavik.
The Hallgrimskerkja was unfortunately scaffolded but the church’s interior is very simple and light.
Afterwards they made the shopping streets unsafe, bought lots of souvenirs
and picked up our headmaster.

So they went together to the Parliament (Althing) and marvelled at the vast relief of Iceland.
Finally they enjoyed a great meal in an Italian restaurant.


We had a great time in Iceland and we're thankful for getting to know this beautiful country in all his different sides. A big gratitude to our teachers Mrs Schüssling, who organised this trip, Mrs Grabherr and our headmaster Mr Hämmerle. Also we want to thank Christján, who permited our Iceland trip.

We're glad that we got this chance to go there.


Sabine & Michelle

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