Final report of the Austrians in the Northern Tour

Performance in Akranes
Performance in Akranes

At  08:00 am all groups left Hallsberg by bus to the airport in Stockholm. Our flight, except the one from the Iceland-Group, left at 01:00 pm. Christian had to take the next plane at 08:00 pm, because our plane has already been full, wenn he booked.

After arrival in Kevlavik Airport, a bus took us to the school in Akranes. As a first highlight, we drove through the tunnel, which was built under the sea to pass the fjord easier, the lowest point was 100 metres under seelevel.


In Akranes, the headmaster welcomed us, all the students went to their hosts for dinner, in the evening there was free time, which we used for a coffee in the famous coffee-house.

On Monday we met at 09:00 am in school, while the teachers where discussing the programme for the next days, some students from the school gave us a short trip through the school. We had lunch at school, then our bus to Reykjavik left. Christian guided those who wanted to through the city, the others had free time.

In the evening, back in Akranes, we had a short rehearsal of the salad-bowl-plays. Rather late dinner and freetime for the students, the teachers first had to manage the technikal support at the stage.

Tuesday at 08:30 in the morning, we met for our last play. All the groups had done a great job, the audience was obviously amused and satisfied, especially the headmaster. As a present for the well done job, we went by bus to the so called Golden Ring, which is a little roundtrip through the south-western area in Iceland.

It began at the place, where Iceland as a nation has started, where the first parliament has been. We saw a great landscape, beatiful rivers and of course the stones, on which the first laws were presented. The second stop was Gulfoss waterfall, a really great view was presented to us. The sun came out so that the colours were much stronger.

The next stop was at Geysir, which is the first geysir that was discovered, therefore the name. It doesn’t  errupt very often, probably just once a year or even less. But its neighbour errupted every 5 to 10 minutes, we were able to see the fontaine (up to 30 feets high) clearly from a distance of about 10 metres.

A less known but also very beautiful waterfall was our next stop, the last was at a volcano. In the crater there was a more or less big lake in strong and clear colours.

Back in Akranes, the students had free time, it was also our last evening. We had a soccer play in the sports-hall of Akranes, which most of the salad-bowl guys and even two Swedish girls joined.

Wednesday at 09:00 it was time to say goodbye, all the groups (appart from the Spanish, they left even earlier for their flight, and of course the Icelanders) took a bus to Reykjavik. Hungary and the Chech Republic have taken a plain back home in the afternoon, the Swedish, Estonains and Austrians had a bath in the Blue Lagoon, which is a hot springt with special ingredientes in the water, white mud for instance.

On Thursday the Swedish and Estonian groups also went back home, we had another two days.

To go to Snaefelsness, we rented a car and had a roundtrip the whole day long. The weather wasn’t really good, but as we were able to imagine, how it would look like if the sun was shining, we had a nice tour. The glacier, Snaefelsjökull, we weren’t able to see, because it has been really foggy in the mountains. In the northern part of Snaefelsness, we saw really beautifull fjords and a great landscape, the rather rough ride wasn’t a problem for our car, it just got a little bit dirty.

On Friday we visited a museum of modern art. In the afternoon we wanted to take a ferry to the island near Reykjavik, but there wasn’t one in winter, so we had a trip through the city.

In the afternoon we drunk our last apple juice together and went to bed quite early.

On Saturday, there was breakfast at 04:20 am in the hotel, the bus to the bus-station picked us up 15 minutes later, in Kevlavik we arrived at 05:45, so we had plenty of time for our flight at 08:00 am.

Ines, Tobias and Christoph

Two Mariners (of four?)
Two Mariners (of four?)
Hafnarhusi, a great museum
Hafnarhusi, a great museum

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