On Tuesday we went to the school of Akranes. The first lesson was about volcanos in Iceland and plate tectonics in general. Then we had a lesson about Icelandic politics and society. It was quiet interesting and we got to know a lot of new stuff.


After a good meal in the canteen (we had the choice between fish and a delicious soup) we went to a horse range. We formed small groups and then we learned how to handle horses. After we had ridden two small rounds outside, we started our little tour at the bottom of a mountain. It was great to ride with Icelandic horses.


By the way, in Iceland there are only Icelandic horses because they are not allowed to import other horses and when a horse leaves Iceland it is not allowed to come back.


Unfortunately during the horse riding trip a teacher got hurt by a horse so she had to go to the hospital. The rest of the group finished the tour. At the end we got small sandwiches and some coffee/hot chocolate. After we had finished that nice trip everybody was dirty but happy.


When we got home, we started to cook our dinner. Of course everybody was worried about our injured teacher, but she assured us that everything was fine.


After dinner, the boys of our group asked around who wanted to have "Rahm" which was the code-word for beer. We would like to mention that the Islandic beer which you can buy at the petrol station has an incredible alcohol concentration of 2,25 %



Our first day in Iceland was really funny!

We visited the school in Akranes and saw how the students do their routine school day.

Students from the countryside have a chance to live in small flats which are paid by the country.

The school system is very different. They have 6 – 8 main subjects and they have to choose 3 courses like biology history or another one.

The rest of the day we made a trip through Akranes with Christján a teacher from the school.

After this trip we ate something in our hostel and then we had some free-time.

In the evening we went to the local pub in Akranes.

At first we were a little bit bored because nobody was there. In Iceland its forbidden to smoke inside so Miriam wanted to go outside to smoke.  Tamara was so nice to stand outside with Miriam.

We stood there and suddenly we realized that we saw the whole time the same cars with the same drivers driving up and down the road again and again.

Then we asked a woman what’s going on here. She explained us that that’s normal for the young people in Iceland to drive around with the cars and it’s called rúnta!

It was the craziest experience we made in Iceland.

After that we went in another pub and there were all the people so we made party there!



All the best from Tamara and Miri


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