A report of Estonians: the northern tour

We arrived to Iceland on Sunday the 25th of October. For one of us it was first flight ever. So it was intreresting for him. In the air we watched movie. We arrived to Keflavik Airport at 15.30 local time. Then we were taken to the bus and driven to Akranes. We were at school about 18.30. The headmaster shared us to families. Me and Hannaliisa we had the same host, Gudmundur so we were together. But our host wasn’t in Iceland, he came with the later flight. First we met his father and sister. They were really nice and friendly. At home we watched tv and ate pizza. They also had one dog and cat.
Our first morning we met mother, who was really kind and also very freindly. Luckily the whole family spoke English. We went to school by car. At school we had to wait little bit. Then we had guided tour. Their schoolhouse was big and beautiful. Then we had lunch together with other students. After lunch w ehad tour to Reykjavik. We visited a  church and old town. Their capital city was beautiful and quite big. In  the evening we had rehersal at  school hall. After that we went home. We ate together with the Swedish and after that mostly all the students came at our place. We just talked, listend music and ate snacks.
On Tuesday morning we had performance of the show, which was also our last show. It went well. The audience was big and they claped for us. After our show we had guided tour called „the Golden Circle“. This was very very beautiful and intereasting. We took a lot of pictures. We saw waterfalls, mountains and geysers. The most intereasting was geyser. After tour we went home and had dinner wtih whole family. Our host family was really greate, they were caring, kind and friendly.  We ate fish. In the evening I and Hannaliisa went to Eva’s place and out to coffee house. While we were out, the boys were playing football. After we met our home again. We were together our last night.
In the morning our host gave us Icelandic gloves, which his mother had made. They are really warm. Our last day the  Estonias and Swedish and Austrians went to the Blue Lagon. This place was really beautiful and we all enjoyed it. Outside there was big wind and cold, so we had to be in the warm water utill neck. We made white clay mask to our face, this was good. After Blue Lagon, we went to Reykjavik to shopping. We spent our last night at the hostel. We left  Iceland at 7.45 in the morning. We enjoyed the trip and the performance very much.

Gloria Hallaste, Estonia


The trip to Iceland was fun. I was amazed when the plane landed in Iceland. The nature was so different. The people in Iceland were very nice. I really liked the family I stayd with. The audience in Iceland was great. The stage was a bit bad, but it was finally OK. After the show we went to the Golden circle tour. The nature was amazing. The whole trip and project was very cool and I liked every minute of being with you! Siim Sillamägi, Estonia.


Everything in Iceland was good. All the people wew smiling.They seem happy. There family I stayed with was excellent. All the members of the family were so caring. I felt like at home and that was a good feeling.

The show in Iceland was good. It was the last time we could present the show. The audience was wonderful, they were so quiet and they listened all the show very carefully.

My Iceland mum knitted me mittens for a present, it was very nice. I loved the time I spent in Iceland.