Greetings from the Icelandic students

 On Sunday evening we arrived in Bregenz, eight students and three teachers. There we stayed for the week. We lived on the students home, they were all so generios to take care of us the whole time. In these five days we did a lot of things like for exemple, we went with the students to there school, we went to the Pfänder and saw the amazing view from there, we went to Feldkirch and walked trough the Wild life park, ate schnitzel at the Schattenburg and had a guided tour around the castle there. We went to Lindau in Germany and we went by boat on the way back.
    On Tuesday the group split in two. One group went to a brewery, a cheese-factory and also hiking in  Damüls, while the other group went to Lech, a small skiing village and went skiing in the Alps.
   We really thought this was a fun trip to Austria, everybody were so nice and friendly, we are very thankful to our hostess to have taken us to there home for few days.  We think it is pretty beautiful in Austria, at least what we saw of it and we liked the food. Thanks for a grate week:)


   We were supposed to go home on Friday, 23 April, but because of the Volcano in Iceland we were stuck in Europe for another five days. On Friday we went to Memmingen and there they told us on the airport that our flight company had cancelled all there flights. So next day our teachers decided to rent a car and drive to Berlin. There we stayed on a hostel for four nights and enjoyed our time in Berlin.

Greetings from the Icelandic students

Dagný, Klara, Guðný, Gunnþórunn, Hrafn, Hafliði, Helena and Leifur :)

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