Minutes of the project meeting in Andujar, 6 - 10 October 2008

1.Workshop in Prague: arrival day March 29 2009 – April 2

Worshop and performance in Prague

Night orientation run

Questions for discussion (to be put on the blog):
1. What thoughts did you come here with? What did you expect?
2. Which common things did you notice during the performance?
3. Which positive effect does the EU have on you? (studies, culture, economics, work)
The answers are published in the blog (= a diary to document the project:


2. Performance

Length: 6 minutes per country + narrator

One small part in your mother tongue + mimics

At the end of the performance: a quiz (several lines from each performance – students will guess the languages)


Contents: immigration and integration of other nationalities

                Discussion of identity in various subjects at school

               Age group 15 – 17


Topic: Being young in …

            An ordinary week in young Europe
            Sunday: Czechia

            Monday: Sweden

            Tuesday: Estonia

            Wednesday: Iceland

            Thursday: Spain

            Friday: Hungary

            Saturday: Austria (lessons?)


Map as a backdrop;

Narrator walking with a stick and the EU bag.

Every country takes its own flag with them or: PPt



2. Blog
introduction – participants in each country will share
password “saladbowl”
film team (to film the birth of the salad bowl baby) – each country is responsible for its bit – Prague will make out the whole documentary film (by November 30, 2009)


3. Performance in Vác, Hungary

Arrival day April 2nd, departure April 5th


Transportation: every country inquires for good flight and train times – send them to Hilde (i.e. from Prague to Vac)



4. In-between report is due June 30 2009 (to your National Agency)



Second year



5. Travels

3 students and 1 teacher northbound to Valga, Sunday October 18

1 day to rehearse

Performance, sports, questions, blog, film team

Travel day October 22 to Hallsberg, Sweden

Travel to Iceland October 25, leave October 28


At the same time southbound: arrival day Sunday October 18 to Andújar

Same programme as in Valga

October 22 to Austria

Home October 25


6. Prague collects all films until November 30, 2009, and produces a version with parts from all countries.


7. Student exchanges:

Student profile for those who want to use it to match students

Europass: www. Europass. Ee, se, is, es, hu, cz, at: fill them in online for every student who travels à for private use of the student. You can order a folder at your National Agency (in blue)



8. Evaluation with the questions of www.mice-t.net, A8, B8


9. Final conference in Austria

Arrival day April 11 (Sunday)/12 – departure April 16 2010

Set-up of the final report

Film show

Blog reading and comments