Virgil Conference: 6th-10th  October 2008


SAFA Andújar, Spain


Monday 6th October:

Arrival. Accommodation in the Hotel Logasasanti, Doctor Fleming Road, no. 5, Andújar.


Tuesday 7th October:

Conference in school library in the entrance way.




  • Welcome by the Headmaster in the library.
  • Presentation of our school

10:00-10:40: Coffee break in Salones Venecia opposite school.

11:00-12.00: Meet the Mayor and guided tour of the Town Hall (TV and press).

12:00-14:00: Guided tour of Andújar. 



14:30            : Lunch in Salones Venecia. 

17:00-19:00: School presentations:

20:30            : Dinner: tapas. MEET AT SCHOOL AT 20:30


Wednesday 8th October:

Day trip to Córdoba; (remember sun cream or umbrella(!), camera and comfortable walking shoes.)



9:00              : Meet in the school library to go to Córdoba

10:00-14:00: Alcázar de los Reyes Católicos and Mezquita

14:00-17:00: Lunch in Córdoba.



17:00-19:30: Shopping in Córdoba.

19:30-21:00: Dinner in the centre of Córdoba. 


Thursday 9th October:

Conference in school library in the entrance


9:00-11:00: Continuation of the new project

  • addresses
  • holiday calendar
  • explanation of the project’s proceedings
  • theatre workshop (where and how)


11:00-11.30: Coffee break in the Salones Venecia.

11:30-12:00: Presentation of Europe Direct of Andújar.

12:00-14:00: Continuation of the new project

14:30            : Lunch in Salones Venecia.




  • exchanges
  • final report
  • 2nd year conference (where)

20:30           : Spanish Dance Performance in the School Hall with Spanish Dance School Pilar Algaba.

21:30            : Leaving party at school with the Parents’ Association.


Friday 10th October: