Survey from Spain

1.    What thoughts did you come here with? What did you expect?
Alvaro: I was very excited about travelling around so many different countries!
Rosa and Pablo: We wanted to practice our English and meet other people of other nationalities.
Alejandro: I didn’t really have any particular expectations but it was even better than I imagined it would be, being on the stage and playing the guitar and acting in front of all of those people!
Eli: It was great to be ‘on tour’ like a proper theatre group.
Nico and Jorge: We loved watching people enjoy our performance-it was the best feeling ever
Carlos: I really liked being able to speak in English all the time and meet other people from different countries.

2.    Which common things did you notice during the performance?

Alvaro, Rosa and Pablo: Everybody spoke in English but occasionally spoke other words in other languages.
Nico, Jorge and Carlos: We all have a common interest in music and music is a very important means of communicating with people. All the groups communicated with the audience through music, both in English and their own languages.
Alejandro, Eli and Pablo: We all really enjoyed doing the performances, it was exciting!

3.    Which positive effect does the EU have on you? (studies, culture, economics, work)

Nico, Jorge and Carlos: You learn so much about other cultures – we are all the same but with slight cultural differences which is what gives each country its identity. This means you appreciate different cultures more.
Alvaro, Rosa and Pablo: We liked the fact that we saw the other schools and we realized that they really aren’t that different to us – they study the same subjects. The times of the lessons is definitely different – some schools have lessons on a Saturday and in the afternoon, which we don’t in Spain.
Alejandro, Eli and Pablo: It’s great being able to travel so freely through Europe – you really get to appreciate other cultures and it makes you much mire open-minded and al so much more enthusiastic about learning English. All young people are very similar: All students have exams in all the countries, they all have stress and all have their different hobbies, just as we do. It makes you realize that there are a lot of similar things, things which we all have in common as well as the cultural differences.

  1. What thoughts did you come here with? What did you expect?
  2. Which common things did you notice during the performance?
  3. Which positive effect does the EU have on you? (studies, culture, economics, work)

Survey from Sweden

  1.  What thoughts did you come here with? What did you expect?
    In general the students didn’t have very high expectations regarding the show, however, many of them appreciated the show. They enjoyed watching students from other cultures doing their best on stage.

    They really looked forward wanted to meeting the foreign students and they would have liked it if the visitors could have stayed a bit to stay longer.

    “I didn’t have any special expectations. I did however expect more culture inspired acts” Frida

    “I didn’t have any high expectations.” Louise

    “I didn’t expect anything really. I just thought it would be interesting to see other students” Patrik

    “…but I thought the students would be staying longer and during a normal school week. Instead they were here during a week end.” Ervin

    “I thought it would be boring with just a lot of facts about the countries. The show was a pleasant surprise.” Ines

  2. Which common things did you notice during the performance?
    The show reflected young people’s experiences in different European countries. Some of the numbers were more popular than others.

    “Everyone did a very good job on stage, impressive. The plays were carefully prepared and everything was well organized.” Louise

    “Some numbers were fun and interesting, but some of them were boring” Ronja and Linnea

    “All of the plays were funny and really good, but in some cases it was difficult to hear what they said.” Julia

    “The performances were amusing and it was easy to understand the language, but the concepts were difficult to understand in some of the plays” Ines.

    “There were only positive things about the show.” Ervin

    “It was more amusing than I expected.” Oskar

  3. Which positive effect does the EU have on you? (studies, culture, economics, work)
    According to our survey, most of the students haven’t noticed any differences at all regarding our membership in the EU. Maybe they haven’t thought it over properly?

    “I haven’t noticed so much. I don’t think it has changed so much so I can’t tell if it’s good or bad.” Adam

    “I haven’t noticed any difference at all.” Jim

    “A spirit of community. The possibility to travel and to be able to work in the European countries.” Louise

    “The European Union is all about meeting new people and making new friends. A spirit of community.” Julia

    “The EU offers us possibilities to work and study in Europe. To make contacts in different countries.” Ines

    ”EU is a positive thing for students. When they are finished with the studies they can work wherever they want within the EU.” Ervin

    “I haven’t noticed any difference at all.” Jim

    “It gives us more opportunities to discover the world.” Ronja och Linnea

    “EU means a complex society for me” Marcus

    “I haven’t noticed so much. I don’t think it has changed so much so I can’ tell if it’s good or bad.” Adam

    “Nothing yet but I will probably get more thoughts about it later in life” Gustav

Hungarian survey report

1. What thoughts did you come here with? What did you expect?


We were curious about how creative other nations' members were. /Bettina/

We wanted to have a glimpse on other people's culture. /Agi/

I was curious about the people who lived there and I wonder how friendly they are and how well we can get on with them. I hoped we would have a good time together and they enjoy our presentation. /Edit/

Well, I thougt it would be great to be together with students who are from different countries, and I wondered how they spend a typical day, and how well I can get on with those guys too. In my opinion all teams have created an interesting and fantastic performance, and I hope they enjoyed our play, and everybody who saw the play want to visit Hungary. /Gergö/


2. Which common things did you notice during the performance?


In the majority they could give information about their country in a funny way. /Bettina/

Although only three people took part, they could give a very nice performance. /Ani/

They spend their school days in a similar way. They like singing. /Barbara/

Every team was as excited as we were. Everybody tried to do their best in other to amuse the local students. /Edit/

Each coutry had to describe one of the typical days of their coutry and it was completely different, so each country had a different way of thinking and different typical day too. And I also noticed that it was really hard to make the play less than 10 minutes to describe the main topic completely, but I have already mentioned: I think we all have done it. /Gergö/


3. Which positive effect does the EU have on you? (studies, culture, economics and work)


Contact with other nations are easier. There are a lot more workplaces. /Richard/

There are several applications we can take part in. It is easier to travel abroad. /Agi/




Well, I came home with lots of wonderful memories. It was a big chance for me to visit such interesting places like Spain and Austria. I will never forget the people I met. Thanks for all. /Edit/

Well, I like meeting new people and I have made lots of friends. I enjoy trying new things and I think that's a good way of making new friends.That project gave me a chance to meet new people and I can keep in touch with those great guys. I really thank for the chance , and I'll never forget that experience. /Gergö/




What thoughts did you come here with? What did you expect?

I went there because I really wanted to see my Spanish friends and it was interesting to learn something about different cultures. I just expected to see happy young people.Tiina


I wanted to see nice boys and chat with them. I expected interesting plays.Hanna-Liina


I wanted to see other countries’ performances. How they sing, dance and act. How they look and what kind of clothes they wear. I hoped to see interesting and funny performances. It’s very good that we have that kind of events.Kristi 


I thought it’ll be fun and interesting to see how people from different countries perform and behave in our society. I also expected that students will show how they live in their countries, what habits they have.Kristi


I didn’t have any special expectations, because I knew nothing about it. I guess I just looked forward seeing funny and interesting performances. I also wanted to see little bit about different cultures.Ariane


I thought it will be interesting and cool, and it was interesting, but not cool! Kirstina


I went there to perform myself. I wasn’t very interested in the play because the main thing for me was to get over with my performance.Kristine


I expected a fun play and a good afternoon. I went there with the thought that I have to perform. Liina


When I went there, I thought it was going to be very good experience, it is interesting to see other cultures.Cäthlyn


I was expecting a lot of new knowledge. I’m pretty sure, I did get them. I was hoping that I get new friends. I like Spain, so I got a view of flamenco.Maiken


It was a most special experience, what I had ever seen. I just sat and watched a show and enjoyed it.Kerli

I thought that it could be really funny. I was very exited, because it’s so interesting to see how other act and think.Reelia


I thought that this will be just another boring lesson and I didn’t expect much about this show. But later I discovered that this was really interesting and cool show.Karin


I went there with an open mind to new things.Kristjan


Which common things did you notice during the performance?

I saw that the other young people are …………..lazy as Estonian people. Some of them like sleeping, like some of our students. They looked similar to us, especially Islandic people. Their English was quite good.Tiina


We all are humans. We have our problems and all over the world young people have the same problems.Hanna-Liina


Everybody can mess up, everybody can forget lines and things they have to do or what they have to say. It’s hard to be serious when all the others are laughing. Youngsters are all the same, they look like us here in Estonia.Kristi

During the practice time I saw that students from abroad are as noisy as Estonians.Kristi


Common things… was how adolescents from different countries spend their free time. Everyone used music in their performance to give effect for their shows.Ariane


Austrians and Estonians are similar in many areas.Kristina


The after school activities were common in all countries – there were singing, dancing and sports.Liina


All the performances were performed by young people and they acted some situations of their own lives.Maiken

I saw that Estonians are not very religious country. Every country have their own view of life.Anu


I also play the guitar , so it was interesting to see how the other boy played and two people danced.Reelia


I noticed that almost all the performances took place in school and they spoke about their nation.Krister


Which positive effects does the EU have on you?

The EU has several effects on me. The most important effect would be the financial help we get from the EU, since it has helped us to improve the town in which we live. For instance the Pedeli area and kindergarten Kaseke – both have received big financial support from the EU and because of that they are very beautiful right now. It is said that Kaseke is one of the most economic house in Estonia. The works on improving the Pedeli area still continue and the results can be seen in the near future. Also I’m eagerly waiting for Estonia to change their current currency to euro, so travelling would be way more easier.Alo


The borders are opened, it’s easy to travel. We need less documents and it’s really positive. EU gives money to my country to repair beautiful places or to build new ones. It’s helpful, because Estonia is not so rich country.Tiina


Well I can walk around in Latvia without fearing to be seen, I can walk with my dog or chase him if he decides to run to Latvia and won’t come back voluntarily.  We are a border town, it has made our life easier.Taavi


I can travel easily, see different cultures and meet people. Hanna-Liina


It’s very good that you don’t have to show the passport and that there are these kind of events. It was very interesting for me to see how well other people can sing and dance or act. We can see other’s traditions and we are not afraid to be different and to see differences. It’s not weird to see a black man in our streets any more. They are a part of us.Kristi


We have more possibilities to visit different countries and thanks to that I get to know new cultures and get new friends. EU gives money to build various buildings which are important for me, because I visit those houses.Kristi


Now, that we’re in EU, there are many similar events and programs like this Salad Bowl and EU unites nations. And of course I  can cross the border without passport control.Ariane


Travelling is a lot easier because we don’t need a visa. Also I think belonging into the EU has a positive effect on our country’s economy.Herman


English lessons are more interesting because we speak about EU countries.Kristina


I have more opportunities to travel and there are many interesting projects for European people to communicate and learn each other culture. Thanks to the EU I have an opportunity to go study in some EU country and it’s much easier to go some EU country.Kristine


I have beautiful places for sporting and studing. We have nice river and roads. I have taken part in many projects with the organization European Youth.Liina



What thoughts did you come here with? What did you expect?

When I was going to the performance, where seven countries had to make a play for the other country students.

There were different countries, and they showed us a bit of their culture. I came to the show with good expectations, and I hoped it would be a memorable experience. I really enjoyed the performance, it was very intersting to see what the other countries have done. Each performance was different in one´s way.

Which common things did you notice did you notice during the performance?

All the plays were funny, because all the people laughed most of the time.

Which positive effects does the EU have on you?

The EU shows that every country can communicate without fighting. And I think it too. I can talk to other country people and get know the culture. It gives more options, I think it is good to belong to EU.


We came to the theatre with no expectations.

The students spoke very quietly so we did not notice much.

Positive EU effects could be culture and studies. The EU is positive for us because we come together.


We had the expectation of a good show with many foreign languages who are presented  from some  young people. We thought the show would be translated and that the student should speak with a microphone that everybody could understand what the say.


The Spanish are very musical.

All the countries have similar freetime activites.

They spend time with their friends and in school they also have the same subjects.


Common things:

In Secondary School, they all learn to speak English.

They have similar subjects like chemistry, maths, but they are only at school until they are 15.

All the students live in the EU, spend their free time in pubs and with their friends. And they text friends during lessons, not like in Austria.


The whole EU has a good school system. We also have school projects like the salad bowl where we get to know each other and different cultures. Our history is different. We can import and tast food from other countries because in the EU we have better job offers.


We thought that the theatre was like Romeo & Juliet, and we expected more acting.

It was rather boring. The actors spoke too quiet, and we did not understand anything.




no expectations

It was much too lould

The authors weren’t interested in their play themselves.

Nobody spoke up, and we did  not understand them. I know that it’s not easy for the players.

It was not really what I expected. I am very sorry that I cannot rate this play well.

I thought it will be very boring but it was very funny and I had to laugh all the time.  I expected to hear the other languages from the people.

It was noisy.

I thought the theatre will be very interesting. I expected that the performance will be very good. The players were very good.

I expected to learn or see how other schools in Europe learn and live their daily life.

My first thought was positive and I was really excited. I hoped the theatre will be interesting and funny.

It was a good and great experience. I noticed 2 things: 1st the actors spoke too quietly. Sometimes the audience was too loud and didn’t care about the actors.

I was excited to see what they created on stage.

It was a very funny performance.

Some students were uninterested and the music was too loud.

Some scenes were quite boring. The volume of the microphone was too loud. I think the last group was the best one.

It was exciting to see people from other countries who spoke their own language.



Common things:

Some actors spoke too fast, and I couldn’t understand them.

The spectators were very loud and I didn’t understand what the players said.

They should have showed us the text at the screen.

The spectators used a lot of different languages. They showed us everyday life of European students.

All the students learn English.

Everybody understands English.

Many people danced, mostly traditional dances. I liked it. It would have been nice to have the spoken text on the screen.




Positive effects of the EU on you:

You can work and travel in the EU without controls. You can study everywhere and live wherever you want.

The Spanish players (piano, violin) were very good. Also the group from Poland with the dancers and their dresses were fantastic. And for the pupils, they can travel around and study wherever they want to.

We can study and work in other EU countries.

It is easier to travel.

It is a big advantage if you want to learn more about other cultures and languages.

In this project we can learn something about other cultures and also how everyday life looks in other families and countries.

We can make a lot of projects with different countries …. that’s good for our economy.

The EU is like a big country – we can travel without a passport. This project would not exist without the EU. They give us money to travel and do projects.

Now many people in the EU can speak English and we can all speak a little bit with each other.

It was interesting to see the culture of other countries.

I can learn about the culture in another country. I could visit a school there for a year and would have a host family. I could learn and work there. Such projects like this are very exciting.


What thoughts did you come here with? What did you expect?


We thought the project is hard to organize because there are so many different countries which have to be coordinated, there have to be find host families for each student and the ways how they get to the places where they perform have to be find out. But everything was organized perfect.

Our expectations were to hear how the different languages sound, that the different countries have different subjects which the students performed and to understand every country.

Which common things did you notice during the performance?


We noticed that it is hard to go to a theatre when they do not play in your mother tongue and you are not sure what they say. It is also difficult to understand when you do not really know about what the play is at all. We noticed that some countries have a good pronunciation in English and the others not at all. Because every country played one day in a week it was not always sure what they play if it was school, leisure time or weekend. Some groups we knew what day they played, because they played well as “one group” and others were not “one group”. When a group played which was not “one group” a few students from Austria started to talk and so it was harder to understand the actors and so more and more students started to talk.


Which positive effect does the EU have on you? (Studies, culture, economics, work)

Firstly the safety in the countries. It is easier to travel through different countries à you do not have to show your passport at every custom. So it is easier to meet new people and so to get new friends in other countries. You can easier learn something about other cultures too. It is easier to find a job in a foreign country but sometimes this is negative because your boss can say you have to work there and then you have to move home if you want to or not it does not matter. In some schools you can choose nearly every language which is spoken in the EU as a subject too. In economic the countries in the EU have the same rules.

Survey 3aHWI

What thoughts did you come here with? What did you expect?

First we thought it would be a normal play of some students, that won’t knock our socks off. And as we got there, we heard it was boring. So he hoped it wouldn’t be as boring as they had said.

Which common things did you notice during the performance?

The actors couldn’t be heard all over the hall but we think everybody was listening. The acting was OK but it could have been better. We also think that nobody really got what it was all about.

Which positive effects does the EU have on you?

We can go to Germany without being checked at the border. Most EU members have the same currency.

Stefan, Mathias, Rusmir


What thoughts did you come here with? What did you expect?

We didn’t have any expectations. We didn’t even know the topic of the play.

Which common things did you notice during the performance?

We hardly understood anything because the actors spoke very quietly and a bit indistinctly.

Which positive effects does the EU have on you?

No passport controls, same currency.




What thoughts did you come here with? What did you expect?

I thought that this play was going to be interesting. I expected professional actors.

Which common things did you notice during the performance?

The actors were too silent. I couldn’t hear what they were saying.

Which positive effects does the EU have on you?

The first thing that comes to my mind is that we don’t need to show our passports anymore and the transport costs are lower than before.



What thoughts did you come here with? What did you expect?

First, I didn’t expect much. I thought it would be more professional. But the actors were just like we are.

Which common things did you notice during the performance?

They were too silent. I really couldn’t follow because I didn’t hear a word. There were no words coming out.

Which positive effects does the EU have on you?

No land-limits.




We expected an international roleplay performed by students from all over Europe about different countries and their cultures.

Some students thought it might even be a professional theatre group.


All the different groups tried to show a part of their daily life as a student, represented by their outfits, moves and music. Sometimes it was hard to follow.


The EU allows us to travel and work everywhere within its boundaries. We don’t have to change our money into a different currency. There is an agreement on accepting the different academic degrees.



Expectations: I am honest, I was only at this theatre performance because we  had to go there. I had no idea what that theatre was about. I did not expect much but I was surprised how eager they were.


Common things: I hope that I have understood this question. The actors were really interested; I think they had spent a lot of time in this performance.


positive EU effects: To say it clearly, I was never interested in the EU laws or something. I think it’s good as it is. I will be interested in it when the EU goes down by bad lows or something.



I really liked the play because it was something new. It was a good idea to play with teenagers from many different European countries. It was funny and entertaining. Unfortunately we couldn’t understand so much because the actors spoke very quiet and unclear without a microphone.

I think it was interesting to see how the daily routine in other countries is. The play also showed that every teenager in the world has quite the same interests. No matter which religiton we have or in which country we live.


I think it was a good project for young people to get to know other people from other countries. The actors and all the other people who were involved in this project have done good work.

The Czech Republic - Gymnasium Jizni Mesto

What thoughts did you come here with? What did you expect?


I didn´t know what it could be about, but I finally liked it. A lot of funny parts.

I was curious, I couldn´t imagine what this will be about.

Boring. I don´t know why we have to watch plays like this.

I didn´t expect anything, but finally it was not as boring as I had thought it to be.

No expectations, but it was interesting to watch the sketches and to see the students from other countries.

It was interesting, a lot of different performances. It was better than just to read some posters about other students.

It was interesting, though I didn´t understand some of the actors.

It was quite good, but sometimes I didn´t get the idea of the sketch. Maybe there could be some more information before.



Which common things did you notice during the performance?


I think we have the same problems as other students.

I didn´t understand the Swedish part, but the Estonian school looked much the same as ours. I could imagine the day there.

 The performance was quite OK, some parts were really good.

I couldn´t hear it. Speak loudly next time!

I think that now we have a lot of things in common. Same music, same films, same fashion, same problems.

I don´t know about differences. I have many foreign friends and we have same hobbies and interests. They understand me.


Which positive effect does the EU have on you? (studies, culture, economics, work)

It is good that we are in the EU. We can go abroad just with the ID card, practically anywhere. And I want to study abroad.

It is easy for us to live in another European country.

We can study abroad. For example, I can learn French in France or go to England. It is much easier for students.

We can go abroad, meet new people, get to know other cultures.

We have more possibilities as members of EU. We can go wherever we want to, work or live wherever we want to.

It is fine that there are many projects, we can visit different schools, do things together with other students, make exchanges.